Green Zogam Initiative (GZI)

Green Zogam

Imagine for a moment, our land shorn of its blue mountain ranges, meandering rivers, cool breeze, clear streams and varied wildlife? Our sweetest songs that extol our land could become a mockery. And is not the very core of our customs and livelihood in jeopardy when our dear ‘zo-lei’ is progressively degraded?

Lamka is no longer the Lamka of old. We can feel it in our skin – the hot and humid summer, and the bone-chilling, icy, cold winter at the extreme end. The nauseating stench from the filth and garbage has become synonymous with its markets.  Shortage of  drinking water, worsening scarcity of irrigation water and declining crop production are pointers to imminent disasters.

Where have the majestic hornbills gone? When was the last time you heard the crooning of “zolawkta”? Is our priceless inheritance, which we have for many years taken for granted, vanishing?

Meanwhile, across the world, as there is a growing awakening on the importance of environment, climate change and sustainable development let us remind ourselves that the Scripture has ordained human beings to be stewards of God's creation on earth.

We in Delhi Paite Indongta, too, feel the imminent dangers of a degrading environment. On 28th August 2013, we launched an initiative we call Green Zogam Initiative(GZI). DPI has neither the ready resources nor the expertise to undertake this Initiative. However, we are confident that if we work together, we can make a difference.

The intention of the Green Zogam Initiative is to move towards a more sustainable life and development - a sustainable Zogam.  The desire is to adjust and modify our way of thinking and living.  It is an adjustment – a change we can start individually and also  collectively. We need to remember that Zogam is wherever we live. Let us look around us, the places closest to us and think what we can do to make them greener and cleaner.


Green refers to 'sustainable life' and Zogam refers to ‘the land we live’. So the mission of the 'Green Zogam Initiative' is to have a sustainable life in the land we live.
Adopting green activities as a way of life,  growing in appreciation of environment,  seeking eco-friendly livelihood alternative,  encouraging green urban settlements, propagating ideas of renewable energy, and reviving & recharging water sources.


One of the first activities would be to start writing and sharing our thoughts and ideas on Green Zogam. DPI intends to publish articles periodically at
All are invited to contribute and support this. There are so many aspects of Green Zogam that we can write about. We can make use of the print media, electronic media and social media to raise awareness on:

  • Valuing & Appreciating Land and forest resources
  • Options for Green Economic Livelihood
  • Eco-friendly Urban and Rural Settlements
  • Conserving Water Resources through Green Practices
  • Cleaner habitations by tackling garbage systematically
  • Clean and Renewable Energy sources

Later, we hope to take up activities covering these areas in partnership with local schools, like-minded enthusiasts and well-wishers. We could organize seminars, discussions, ‘Green’ tours, etc. Together we can have a green, clean and beautiful land, surely.


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Unpacking GZ Logo

Grey landscape stands for the degraded hills and vales in our land. The Tree denotes importance of trees and need for growing more and more of them. The Green background represents the wish to make our land green and beautiful. The letter ‘r’ in the shape of half green leaf  is demonstrating the beauty of natural green as against other lifeless hues.